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Laguna Beach CA 92651

+1 (949) 290-8457

Funny Friends designs and sells unique stuffed animals, playful plush art and decorative soft sculptures that make perfect gifts for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our collections of whimsical stuffed animals representing artist/designer Jennifer Mazur-Becker’s interpretation of the world’s best-loved creatures.


Babee Bloomers Collection

Encourage your little gardener to love all the varietals in their very own nursery.  Soft colorful plush flowers and stems available here.

"Rainbow Daisy" Soft Sculpture

Natures Friend Bloomer Mix Room.jpg
Natures Friend Bloomer Mix Room.jpg

"Rainbow Daisy" Soft Sculpture


Aqua Faced Plush Flower (12") - SKU 1067-C

Our daisies come in a rainbow of face colors!  Collect them all while teaching your child colors and to count up to five petals!  Bendable stem can curl around anything you wish to adorn with a happy smile and floral charm!

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  • 12" H X 3" D X 6" W
  • White/ Aqua
  • Highest grade polyester fiber-fill for softness and buoyancy
  • Plush cotton-polyester velour fabric in custom colors
  • Surface wash by hand
  • Funny Friends purchases will arrive in a cute decorative box.  Once it is opened, you will find item wrapped in tissue paper for a fun gift!

Soft sculptures are set apart from typical stuffed animals because each piece is sculpted by hand, making no two expressions exactly alike.  Jennifer Mazur-Becker has created her designs to introduce your child to art, shapes and colors.   With whimsical and adorable faces, hanging this object d'art in your child’s environment, you can teach your toddler to count, learn shapes, colors and nouns.