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Laguna Beach CA 92651

+1 (949) 290-8457

Funny Friends designs and sells unique stuffed animals, playful plush art and decorative soft sculptures that make perfect gifts for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our collections of whimsical stuffed animals representing artist/designer Jennifer Mazur-Becker’s interpretation of the world’s best-loved creatures.


Frequently Asked Questions


What toys, if any, you should have in the crib with your baby and around them?


To keep SIDS risks low, you should refrain from putting any soft objects in your baby’s crib, and that includes soft plush toys, blankets, pillows, etc. Make sure you read all information to reduce SIDS risks.  This is why a mobile is a good toy to put above the baby’s crib, away from their face. 

A mobile in a babies environment provides visual stimulation and promotes brain development.  Before  18 months of age, baby is visually exploring the world and learning from shapes and colors.  

Children will grow up safe and confident when they experience a consistent happy face. Hopefully this comes from Mom, Dad and family, however even when people have a long day, our funny friends characters provide smiles all day long for baby.  Display them near their crib so your baby engages with them morning and night.  Babies get attached to things they are familiar.  Association with a happy face provides a feeling of comfort and having a friend in the same area daily provides a sense of safety for your child when they are alone.


Soft Sculpture is a textile art form.  AKA, Plush Sculptures, are set apart from typical stuffed animals because each piece is sculpted by hand, making no two exactly alike.  After the piece is sewn and stuffed, the artists "canvas"  is as blank as a pillow, they then must pinch and tuck with their fingers and needle and thread to "sculpt" each individual expression. Jennifer's characters are known for posing sweet friendly smiles with an eye-treatment she designed personally over 30 years ago.  These elements in her line create an adorable face that brings a smile and attachment to every child.  What better mobile can there be for your child, than one that is a happy friend that baby can trust is there every moment of the day?

How do I hang Funny Friends mobiles?

A mobile, kinetic art,  is something hanging from the ceiling and it spins in the wind.  Usually we see mobiles attached to an apparatus, which is distracting from the objects it is holding. Our mobile concept is to hang your collections individually from fishing line so they float in your environment.  Hang them about 10-12 inches apart and vary the lengths of the fishing line for the best installation.

Is fishing line and hanging instructions provided with the product?