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Laguna Beach CA 92651

+1 (949) 290-8457

Funny Friends designs and sells unique stuffed animals, playful plush art and decorative soft sculptures that make perfect gifts for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our collections of whimsical stuffed animals representing artist/designer Jennifer Mazur-Becker’s interpretation of the world’s best-loved creatures.


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Friends and Fun for Baby!

Engage your baby with vibrant colors by suspending our Funny Friends characters above your child's bed. Moving mobiles entertain, motivate curiosity and introduce them to art.  A smiling face makes a baby feel loved and comforted, especially when they are alone.  Our soft, plush, cozy products are lovable and a continual source of comfort.  Remember good art does not match your “sofa”; it's value is in how it affects you.  Our Friends Friends never cease to bring a smile to babies.

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The best environment you can give your eager learner is a stimulating place of fun. Stuffed animals and plush art can help toddlers cope with separation anxiety, boost confidence and build self-reliance

For play and display

We have designed pieces for children, that combine artistic room decoration, with children's love of stuffed animals.  Every child reacts to soft, colorful and delightful objects.  Capture their attention and take that opportunity to teach your child about what the objects are, names of colors and. describing shapes.  Make learning fun with Funny Friends.